Welcome Juhree to BeeHive Homes

We are super excited to welcome Juhree Knowles to the BeeHive Homes family as our newest Administrator.  She will be directing the wonderful care rendered in our assisted living home in Granbury.  Juhree’s love for her family, education, and the senior community can be seen in all she has accomplished.  And we look forward to… Continue reading Welcome Juhree to BeeHive Homes

Mindful Meditation for the Elderly

Mindful Meditation Mindful meditation may not be a common practice for many people but it’s one that can have positive benefits for people of all ages, especially the elderly. This mental practice can calm the mind and body, reduce depression and pain, and increase the sense of well-being. Mindful meditation describes a technique of relaxing… Continue reading Mindful Meditation for the Elderly

New Year’s Resolutions for the Elderly

Preparing for a new year is a tradition that means more than just turning the page on a calendar. It’s a time to assess our habits (hence the New Year’s resolutions). For the elderly, it’s an opportunity to celebrate a holiday and to focus on some positive things in life. Top Six Ideas For a… Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions for the Elderly

Memory Care vs Assisted Living

If it’s no longer safe for you or an aging family member to live alone, you may need to find an assisted living home that provides care and assistance with the activities of daily living. Some assisted living homes are strictly that, a group setting where staff provides assistance, meals, transportation and activities. Others, like… Continue reading Memory Care vs Assisted Living

Christmas Lighted Parade

BeeHive Homes of Andrews Texas participated in the annual Community Christmas Parade. This year was perhaps even more meaningful as many – including those of BeeHive Homes – honored the lives of band director Darin Johns and educator Marc Boswell, who were killed in a tragic bus accident while the band was traveling to a… Continue reading Christmas Lighted Parade

Impact of Untreated Vision Loss

Routine eye exams are an important part of health care. Especially for seniors. Research shows that untreated vision loss is associated with cognitive decline in older adults. Which can also be the case with untreated hearing loss. A 2021 article in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, reports a study of 1,202 participants… Continue reading Impact of Untreated Vision Loss

The History of Assisted Living

Home to Facility Care for the elderly over the last 100 years has most often been in the home of a family member. However, the 1965 enactment of Medicare and Medicaid brought about a rise in residential group care for seniors. Often, these facilities were more hospital-like nursing homes. But some residential care facilities took… Continue reading The History of Assisted Living

Hearing Loss and Dementia

As we all get older, most of us experience changes in how well we hear. You may notice an older family member turning up the TV volume. Or asking you to repeat something. Recent studies have tied hearing loss that goes untreated with an increased likelihood of dementia. A mild loss of hearing is the… Continue reading Hearing Loss and Dementia

Winter Skin Care for the Elderly

The dry, cold temperatures of winter are approaching and for seniors and their families, it’s a time we should think about skin care, both to protect it and to make the skin healthier and feel more comfortable. Skin Facts Skin is the body’s largest organ. As we age, it becomes thinner and no longer looks… Continue reading Winter Skin Care for the Elderly

Vitamin D in the Elderly

Vitamin D Vitamin D deficiency is an issue of concern for more than just the elderly.  This important vitamin contributes to good health in a number of ways in your body.  It helps your body absorb calcium and maintain strong bones and teeth.  It also helps to reduce inflammation, builds your immune system, and helps… Continue reading Vitamin D in the Elderly