Enter the Reality of Dementia

Reality of Dementia

If your parent or spouse is showing signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you’ll notice that their connection to what’s happening today is not as strong as to memories of past times. In the early stages of these diseases, memory loss and confusion may be mild. But as the damage to brain cells progress, some patients may have little interest or memory of recent events or family members.

Enter thier Reality

If your loved one talks about family members who have passed away as if they’re still alive, what should you do? Go along with it or try to bring him or her back to reality? Psychologists with the Alzheimer’s Association recommend entering into the reality of the person with dementia, not trying to orient them to today’s reality.

If your parent or spouse seems to be living in 1963, try to be in that time with him or her. Ask questions about the memories that they have of that time. Those people are still very alive in his or her changing brain. It’s an opportunity to ask questions and learn about your heritage, their feelings about the people they interacted with, or the events of that time.

If they tell the same story again and again, think of it as if it’s their favorite piece of music. Focus on the way they tell it, if they laugh at certain parts. Don’t think of these interactions as pacifying the elderly person, these moments are how you can communicate as dementia or Alzheimer’s progress.

Changes Experienced

Reality of a Senior with Dementia and Spouse

During that progression, your family member will also experience physical and emotional changes. Signs of dementia and possible causes are things to be aware of. If the time comes that you’re not sure if he or she is safe to live alone, or if their care is becoming more difficult for family members to provide, know that the staff at BeeHive Homes can help. Our assisted living homes are small, usually just 14 to 22 residents. That makes an easier transition that a large nursing home that’s much more regimented. Our staff is large enough to provide excellent care, but small enough that they are familiar faces.

Our memory care assisted living homes also offer memory care, dementia care, and Alzheimer’s care for seniors affected by these issues. Trained BeeHive staff provide elderly care and assistance with the activities of daily living in our comfortable homes located across Texas. If we can be of help to your family, please reach out.


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