New Year’s Resolutions for the Elderly

Seniors with colorful balloons

Preparing for a new year is a tradition that means more than just turning the page on a calendar. It’s a time to assess our habits (hence the New Year’s resolutions). For the elderly, it’s an opportunity to celebrate a holiday and to focus on some positive things in life.

Top Six Ideas For a Happier New Year

If you’re planning a New Year’s celebration with your aging family members, it may be earlier on December 31st than the traditional stroke of midnight. Here are some ideas to help older adults find New Year’s resolutions that can impact their health and happiness.

  1. Make meals and snacks more nutrient-dense. Fewer calories are needed as we age so getting adequate vitamins, minerals, and fiber means consuming healthier foods.
  2. Exercise for 10 minutes a day. For seniors, this may mean slow circles with your wrists or ankles or other stretching exercises, always under a doctor’s supervision.
  3. Reach out to others. Isolation is a concern for all elderly people. Making a phone call or writing a letter is good for the giver and the receiver.
  4. Stimulate your mind. Start a new book, work on a crossword or jigsaw puzzle, listen to classical music. Break the habit of the same TV programs and enjoy a new activity.
  5. Preserve the past. Perhaps you have old photos of family members who need to be identified. Spend some time with your grandchildren to share photos and memories of your parents and grandparents or early memories.
  6. Think positively. Start a “Blessings List’ by writing blessings or joys on scraps of paper and tucking inside a pretty container. Focusing on good things improves our overall state of mind.

Celebrate Life

Growing older can be difficult when it’s harder to get around. Or if health problems are present. Finding moments to celebrate and share with others can make hard days better. At BeeHive Assisted Living and Memory Care, our comfortable homes and compassionate caregivers provide support and care to our residents. When living at home is no longer safe or enjoyable, we hope you’ll reach out to one of the nearby  Texas BeeHive Homes for assisted living, memory or dementia care, or adult day care.

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