Staying Close and Connecting with Family

Grandson visiting grandmother at BeeHive Homes

In the golden years of our lives, maintaining close ties with family isn’t just a comfort — it’s essential for emotional well-being. At BeeHive Homes, we understand the importance of these connections, and we’re dedicated to creating and supporting opportunities for families to come together. Here’s how we help our residents stay close and connected with their loved ones, ensuring frequent visits and enduring bonds.


Fostering Family Connections


At BeeHive Homes, we believe that the family is a crucial part of a resident’s care team. Our approach is centered around making our homes as welcoming and accessible as possible for family visits. Whether it’s a casual drop-in or a planned family gathering, we ensure that every family feels at home when they’re here.


Creating Inviting Spaces


We design our homes with family in mind. Our communal areas are comfortable and inviting, perfect for private conversations or family celebrations. From cozy lounges to scenic outdoor spaces, families can find the perfect spot to catch up, share a meal, or celebrate a special occasion together.


Supporting Engagement with Technology


Understanding that not all family members may live nearby, BeeHive Homes incorporates technology to help bridge the distance. We facilitate video calls and digital communication, ensuring residents can connect with relatives across the country or around the world with ease. Our staff is always ready to assist with setting up these digital interactions, making sure everyone can stay connected regardless of physical distance.


Encouraging Regular Visits


Regular family visits are vital for the emotional health of our residents. To encourage frequent visits, BeeHive Homes schedules regular family events and open houses. These occasions provide an excellent opportunity for family members to engage with their loved ones and the broader community, creating a fun and inclusive environment for everyone.


Activities for All Ages


We plan activities that cater to all generations, making every visit enjoyable and memorable. From crafting sessions where grandchildren can create alongside their grandparents to movie nights and storytelling evenings, there’s always something that can bring the whole family together.


The Importance of Support


BeeHive Homes recognizes the significance of supporting not just our residents, but their families as well. We offer resources and counseling to help families navigate the challenges of aging, ensuring they feel supported as they support their loved ones.


At BeeHive Homes, staying close to family isn’t just about physical proximity; it’s about creating meaningful connections and cherished memories. We take pride in providing a warm, welcoming environment where families can enjoy quality time together, ensuring that each visit strengthens the bonds that are so crucial to the spirit and heart of our community.


Come visit us and see how we make staying close not just possible, but a joyful and integral part of life at BeeHive Homes.

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