Veteran Aid and Attendance

Many Senior’s have run out of money either by out living their monies or have lost monies in the down ward economy or simply do not have the monies for their care. What do you qualify for?  There may be monies available for your care, you need to ask and find out how and what is available.

Veterans Texas

The Veteran Aid and Attendance pension is a TAX FREE monthly pension directly deposited into your bank account.


  • Veteran $1,936
  • Surviving Spouse $1,244
  • Veteran and Spouse $2,295
  • Dependent Spouse $1,518

The pension is retroactive, meaning; you will receive monies back from the first day of the month after you apply. How long does it take to get the pension? 1-3 months. It will take longer to receive back pay when Alzheimer’s or severe Dementia is involved due to an additional step that is required by the VA.

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To determine eligibility for Aid and Attendance pension:

  • Did the Veteran serve 90 days active duty, one day during a period of war state side or overseas and honorably discharged?
  • Do you have expenses for care? Expenses such as a Medicare supplement, a caregiver or family members assisting with care, assisted living expense etc.
  • Income such as Social Security, Retirement, Pension, Rental Income etc.
  • Cash Assets- Checking and Savings, 401K, IRA’s, Investments etc.
  • Health- if you are using a walker or a cane, oxygen, meal preparation bathing, transportation, assistance, etc. If you feel you meet some of these criteria, you may qualify.

Do any of the following situations apply to you?

  • Situation #1
    I am a Veteran and fairly healthy and am caring for my wife who has Alzheimer’s. I am finding it more and more difficult to care for her. Will the Aid and Attendance pension help us financially with her care?
  • Situation #2
    I am living with my parents who both are struggling with health issues. I do their cooking and cleaning, transportation to their appointments, manage their bills etc. Dad was a Veteran of WWII. We are all struggling financially just to make ends meet. Will the Aid and Attendance pension help pay for their costs while living at home?
  • Situation #3
    I am moving mom into assisted living. She barely has enough to cover these costs. Dad was a Veteran and has since passed. Can mom qualify for Aid and Attendance?
  • Situation #4
    My first husband was a Veteran and has passed away. I remarried and he too has passed. Can I qualify for Aid and attendance?
  • Situation #5
    I divorced my husband who was a Veteran of the Korean Conflict. Am I eligible for the Aid and Attendance pension?
  • Situation # 6
    I am currently receiving the Aid and Attendance pension living in assisted living. I am going to move in with my son and his family. Can I still receive the pension with my care changing?
  • Situation #7
    I want to apply for the Aid and Attendance pension. I own a home and have some cash assets. Can I still apply and be approved?

These are the documents we will review first to determine eligibility for the Aid and Attendance pension:

These are the documents we will review first to determine eligibility for the Aid and Attendance pension:
  • Military/separation papers (DD-214),
  • Marriage certificate or license
  • Death certificate for surviving spouses only
  • Current Social Security statement letter
  • Current bank statement all pages
  • Any other asset documentation if any.
We trust and advise veterans and their families to work with Senior Care Associates to assist in reviewing these documents and to decide if pushing forward with the process will be beneficial. The Aid and Attendance pension has helped many Veterans, spouses and surviving spouses increase their standard of living either by helping them afford care in their home, or the possibility of moving to or staying at a Retirement or Assisted Living and a Nursing Home.