The Significance of Memorial Day

As Memorial Day approaches, we are reminded of the profound sacrifices made by the brave men and women who have served our country. This special day is an opportunity for us at BeeHive Homes of Texas to not only pay tribute to these heroes but also celebrate the importance of caring for our greatest generation,… Continue reading The Significance of Memorial Day

Isolation and Dementia

A recent study by Johns Hopkins researchers shows the impact of social isolation, which is when a person has few social relationships and few people with whom to interact. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 25 percent of adults aged 65 and older are considered to be socially isolated. The study… Continue reading Isolation and Dementia

Embracing Longer Days and Preparing for Allergies

As the days get longer and warmer, and flowers start to bloom, we welcome the arrival of spring. At BeeHive Homes Assisted Living, we’re excited for this new season and all the joys it brings, but we also want to remind everyone to take care of themselves during this time by embracing longer days and… Continue reading Embracing Longer Days and Preparing for Allergies

Cancer and the Loss of Independence

A cancer diagnosis is a bombshell, no matter the age of the patient. For those who are elderly, cancer may also mean the loss of independence and the need for assisted living care. Cancer and the loss of independence are two life changing events. Cancer often means needed surgery and recovery from that, which may… Continue reading Cancer and the Loss of Independence

Breathing Exercises for Older Adults

Did you know there is a proper way to breathe? If you stand sideways facing a mirror and take a breath, is your upper chest moving or is your stomach? Most people would find their chest is what moved which means that only the upper part of the lungs are filling with oxygen. Breathing exercises… Continue reading Breathing Exercises for Older Adults

Celebrations for March

By the time the calendar turns over to March, many adults may be in the winter doldrums. After all, the days have been shorter and darker during the last few months, the cold weather makes it difficult to be outdoors, and the holiday festivities have become a memory. For older adults who may live alone… Continue reading Celebrations for March

The Benefits of Reading for Seniors

As we age, it is important to maintain an active mind and continue to engage in mentally stimulating activities. One of the best ways to achieve this is through reading. The benefits of reading for seniors can enhance the experience and improve the lives of those living in BeeHive Homes of Texas. Let’s explore some… Continue reading The Benefits of Reading for Seniors

Art and Aging

Incorporating creativity into one’s routine, particularly for seniors, has numerous benefits. Art has been linked to increased joy, purpose, and mental health. At BeeHive Homes in Texas, our caregivers see the positive impact of art and aging, specifically with creativity, on our elderly residents and provide resources to incorporate art into their lives. Creating art… Continue reading Art and Aging

Heart Health for Seniors

February is Heart Health Month! Heart health is extremely important, especially in seniors. The BeeHive Homes Texas team is here with a few ways your aging loved one can improve their heart health this year. Be active: There are many heart-healthy activities the elderly can incorporate into their daily routine. Exercise remains one of the… Continue reading Heart Health for Seniors

History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, a holiday dedicated to love and romance, has a rich history that dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries. Named after St. Valentine, the patron saint of love, this day was originally associated with romantic love. As years passed, the celebration of Valentine’s Day has evolved and changed, becoming a day not… Continue reading History of Valentine’s Day