Holiday Overeating

The holidays are known for spending quality time with loved ones and eating traditional meals with your family, but many people overeat during the holidays. While enjoying food during this time of year is important, seniors must be mindful of what they eat. Here are a few tips from BeeHive Homes that can help ensure… Continue reading Holiday Overeating

The Impact of Thankfulness

It’s November and our thoughts turn to the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. While turkey and pumpkin pie are certainly part of this fall holiday, it began as a celebration of thanks for the harvest and blessings of the past year. For some, the holidays can be filled with sadness, depression or anxiety; these feelings can particularly… Continue reading The Impact of Thankfulness

Seasonal Affective Disorder

The changing seasons can have more of an impact on us than we know. The fall and winter bring shorter days and less daylight, as well as colder weather that keeps us indoors much longer. These changes can affect more than our routine. BeeHive Homes is here to help you understand seasonal affective disorder and… Continue reading Seasonal Affective Disorder

Alcohol and Aging

Aging is a normal part of life; however, many factors influence healthy aging. Some factors are out of our control, while others, such as good habits, allow us to control how we age. One factor that plays a key role in how we age is alcohol. Like all adults, the elderly should limit alcohol consumption… Continue reading Alcohol and Aging

The Coming Flu Season

Each year, flu season shows up more quickly than we may expect. Preparing for each flu season is always a good idea, especially for those at a higher risk for more serious infections, such as seniors and those with underlying health issues. The team at BeeHive Homes has a few tips we suggest you follow… Continue reading The Coming Flu Season

Health Baselines

As you age, it’s important to keep track of certain things related to your health to ensure you live a long, happy, healthy life and can live independently at home for many years. You can establish health baselines with your doctor as you approach retirement; that way, you have something to compare to as you… Continue reading Health Baselines

High Fat Diet’s Impact on the Brain

You may have heard of the ketogenic (or keto) diet, a low carb-high fat diet that studies have shown can help you lose weight and potentially help with diabetes, epilepsy and other diseases. The question we’d like to explore is what do these high fat diet’s impact have on the brain? A recently published study… Continue reading High Fat Diet’s Impact on the Brain

Managing Arthritis

Arthritis may be a common problem among older individuals, especially the elderly; however, it does not have to be as taxing on the body as one may think. There are many steps that can be taken for managing arthritis that can help alleviate the symptoms. About 1 in 4 adults in the US are diagnosed… Continue reading Managing Arthritis

4 Benefits of Journaling

Journaling has many benefits, from helping you reduce stress to motivating you in personal growth. Psychologists also point to mental health benefits for those who write journals. By making journaling a regular habit, you can see how much you have grown by reading previous entries. In the BeeHive Home community, we encourage you to keep… Continue reading 4 Benefits of Journaling

Inflation’s Impact on Seniors

In 2022, the inflation rate is hovering above 8%. That means that the purchasing power of a dollar is buying about 8% less than it did a year ago. For seniors living on a fixed income, that’s particularly concerning. Seniors are more likely to spend money on things that are increasing in price, such as… Continue reading Inflation’s Impact on Seniors