Art and Aging

BeeHive Homes Assisted Living Texas Art and Aging

Incorporating creativity into one’s routine, particularly for seniors, has numerous benefits. Art has been linked to increased joy, purpose, and mental health. At BeeHive Homes in Texas, our caregivers see the positive impact of art and aging, specifically with creativity, on our elderly residents and provide resources to incorporate art into their lives.


Creating art provides an array of benefits, including lower rates of depression and reduced dependence on prescription medications. People who enjoy and actively create art during retirement have a positive outlook on life, likely due to the sense of purpose and productivity derived from creating.


If your elderly loved one receives in-home care or resides in an assisted living facility, there are many ways to include art and creativity in their daily routine. Combining art with favorite activities, such as taking photos of favorite plants or flowers from a garden and trying to paint them, is an easy way to add art. Art is also an excellent option for those with mobility issues, as it can be done while seated. Art comes in various forms and is not limited to painting or drawing. Writing, sand painting, paging through books about famous artists, or completing puzzles are other ways to stimulate the creative side of the brain and provide positive moments.


At BeeHive Homes, we take the health and well-being of our residents seriously. We offer unique care options for each of our seniors, including daily activities to enhance their quality of life. Contact us for more information on our services.

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