Cancer and the Loss of Independence

BeeHive Homes of Texas and Cancer Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis is a bombshell, no matter the age of the patient. For those who are elderly, cancer may also mean the loss of independence and the need for assisted living care. Cancer and the loss of independence are two life changing events.

Cancer often means needed surgery and recovery from that, which may not take place as quickly as a younger person’s recovery. Treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation treatments may mean the need for frequent transportation and medical appointments.

And above all, the elderly patient may be stuck by the loss of their independence and concerned about looming health issues. If your family member is in this situation, there is assistance that is available.

Learn about services for aging and long-term care in Texas that may be helpful. 


If physical caregiving is needed, many senior adults may be able to stay in their home if at-home care is available, such as from our sister company, BeeHive Home Care of Texas. Home caregivers can also help with transportation and very importantly, companionship during this difficult time.

More intermediate-level care is available at assisted living facilities, allowing medication management, an emergency call system, and 24-hour care and assistance for those who do not need skilled care nursing.

At BeeHive Homes, our experienced staff have helped many families find resources and have their questions answered. We’re not just here to help the residents of our small-group residential homes for seniors across Texas, we can provide referrals and ideas. If your family is struggling with a health issue impacting your elderly loved one, please turn to us for assistance and a helping hand.

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