Assisted Living vs a Nursing Home

If you or a family member are experiencing an increasing level of health issues that make living alone at home a concern, you may be wondering about senior care options to meet those changing needs. Many people look at assisted living homes or nursing homes as the next step, but there are differences that may… Continue reading Assisted Living vs a Nursing Home

Attitude of Gratitude

At BeeHive Homes there is an opportunity to serve others in a capacity that is unlike most places. The honor and satisfaction that comes from caring for the residents of our homes is sometimes overwhelming, and is often the most rewarding. We wanted to share a note from one of our many valued team members… Continue reading Attitude of Gratitude

Choices for Senior Housing

As we grow older, many senior adults also become less independent. The time may come when the senior is not safe living in their home alone, possibly due to the risk of falls, forgetting to take medications, or the inability to maintain proper nutrition. There are many options in Texas for senior housing. And the… Continue reading Choices for Senior Housing

Medical Alert Systems for Elderly

For the elderly living at home, the threat of a fall or a medical event can be very real. When emergencies happen, you need to be able to call for help. A smartphone or portable landline phone could be helpful but having a medical alert bracelet or necklace is assurance that you can call for… Continue reading Medical Alert Systems for Elderly

Living in a COVID-19 World

Beginning in March 2020, the entire world underwent remarkable changes to our daily lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For many elderly residents, it has meant many changes, particularly staying at home to prevent exposure to the virus. Even for those who’ve been vaccinated, the ongoing variants of the virus make some hesitant to be… Continue reading Living in a COVID-19 World

Welcome Juhree to BeeHive Homes

We are super excited to welcome Juhree Knowles to the BeeHive Homes family as our newest Administrator.  She will be directing the wonderful care rendered in our assisted living home in Granbury.  Juhree’s love for her family, education, and the senior community can be seen in all she has accomplished.  And we look forward to… Continue reading Welcome Juhree to BeeHive Homes

Memory Care vs Assisted Living

If it’s no longer safe for you or an aging family member to live alone, you may need to find an assisted living home that provides care and assistance with the activities of daily living. Some assisted living homes are strictly that, a group setting where staff provides assistance, meals, transportation and activities. Others, like… Continue reading Memory Care vs Assisted Living

The History of Assisted Living

Home to Facility Care for the elderly over the last 100 years has most often been in the home of a family member. However, the 1965 enactment of Medicare and Medicaid brought about a rise in residential group care for seniors. Often, these facilities were more hospital-like nursing homes. But some residential care facilities took… Continue reading The History of Assisted Living

Is it Time to Introduce Your Loved One to Assisted Living?

Caring for an aging parent is often a labor of love. Unfortunately, it also requires making tough decisions. One of these is whether to move your loved one into a senior community. You’ll have many questions to answer before you start this process. How do you know it’s time? How will you pay for their… Continue reading Is it Time to Introduce Your Loved One to Assisted Living?

Emergency Preparedness for Seniors

In the aftermath and destruction of Hurricane Ida, many of us are considering what we can do to better prepare for natural disasters and unplanned emergencies.  Add emergency planning together with senior care and aging, and we begin to have an entirely new set of questions.  Have we ever thought about how aging impacts our… Continue reading Emergency Preparedness for Seniors