Celebrating Compassionate Care

A good and full life at BeeHive Homes

At BeeHive Homes, we strive every day to create a supportive and compassionate environment for our residents. It’s always touching to hear directly from families who have noticed and appreciated this effort. We recently received a heartfelt letter from Bruce, whose mother was a cherished resident at our Gallup, New Mexico, location for over two and a half years until her passing in May 2024. We would like to share Bruce’s words, not only to express our gratitude for this wonderful feedback but also to highlight the incredible work of our staff who make such a difference in the lives of our residents.


A Family’s Gratitude


Bruce writes on behalf of himself and his siblings, Joan, Ken, and Shari, expressing profound appreciation for the care their mother received. He notes,

For myself and my brother Ken and sisters Joan and Shari, and all of the people who loved and admired my mother, I want to express our profound appreciation and gratitude for the ways in which the director and staff at the Beehive made her last home such a supportive and compassionate place to live.”

First Impressions and Continuous Care


From the moment one steps into BeeHive Homes of Gallup, the orderliness, cleanliness, and organization stand out. Bruce highlights how the staff diligently maintains the environment, ensuring it is always welcoming and fresh. He appreciates the personal touches, such as decorations and signage, that celebrate various occasions, enhancing the communal atmosphere.


Dignity and Respect in Every Interaction


Bruce deeply appreciates how our staff treat every resident with utmost dignity and respect. He recalls,

When assisting residents…the staff looked each person in the eye, told them what needed to be done in soothing tones, and treated them with dignity and honor.”

This personal approach is a cornerstone of the care we provide at BeeHive Homes.


Special Acknowledgments


The family extends special thanks to staff members Trudi, Margaret, Jordan, Samantha, and others who formed meaningful connections with their mother. Bruce’s letter paints a vivid picture of a team that goes beyond routine tasks to genuinely engage with residents, making them feel truly at home.


His mother’s story is a beautiful reminder of the impact that compassionate care can have on a person’s life. Bruce concludes,

She lived a good and full life that had a beautiful and dignified last chapter in no small part because of the professionalism and humanity of the director and staff of the Beehive Homes of Gallup.”

We are incredibly proud of our team and grateful to our dear residents’ family for allowing us to be part of her life journey.


To our dedicated staff at BeeHive Homes, thank you for embodying the values that make us proud every day. And to our residents and their families, thank you for trusting us with your care. Your stories and feedback inspire us to keep making BeeHive Homes “The Next Best Place to Home.”


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