Is it Time to Introduce Your Loved One to Assisted Living?

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Caring for an aging parent is often a labor of love. Unfortunately, it also requires making tough decisions. One of these is whether to move your loved one into a senior community. You’ll have many questions to answer before you start this process. How do you know it’s time? How will you pay for their care? Which community is right for your loved one? BeeHive Homes of Texas is here to help you through this difficult time with the following suggestions.

The Journey Starts with a First Step

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If you’ve already begun looking at the many communities available, you likely have suspicions that your loved one is in need of more care than you can provide. Confirming this starts by evaluating how your loved one manages to live on their own.

A few indications that it’s time for assisted living include:
  • Repeated falling. More than one-quarter of seniors age 65 and older have a falling accident. Almost all hip fractures are caused by falling, which is also the number one cause of brain injury in older adults. While a single falling incident might not be cause for concern, remember that falling once more than doubles the chance of it happening again.
  • Worsening health problems. Seniors with uncontrolled diabetes, heart disease, mobility issues, dementia, or other health problems that can’t be controlled with medication and therapy may need around-the-clock care.
  • Poor eating habits. Many seniors who live alone don’t enjoy proper nutritional intake for many reasons, including an inability to cook or feeling less confident driving to the store. A senior living community can help ensure that your loved one has healthy meals.
  • Insufficient hygiene. Poor hygiene is a significant problem among older adults. Mobile shower company Shower Bay explains that seniors forgo bathing because of vision, hearing, or mobility problems. This can have a significant negative impact on their health and self-esteem. Poor hygiene is also a sign of loneliness.
Consumer Affairs list many other reasons that it might be time to look into assisted living. The site asserts that isolation, poor community support, and a neglected home are all red flags.

Paying for Senior Care

Once you have decided that it’s time, you also want to begin looking into some of the practical aspects of transitioning your loved one into a senior care environment. An obvious first consideration is how, exactly, your family will pay for these services. You can use a cash life insurance policy or, if your loved one is a veteran, tap into VA benefits. Many people choose to sell their homes to pay for assisted living. If your family goes this route, make sure to do your research to know exactly what your home is worth. The median sales price can give you a starting point on housing values. Once you know what the home is worth, deduct outstanding balances and the cost of repairs and real estate commission for an idea of net proceeds.

Choosing a Safe Space

With so many assisted and memory care options available, choosing the right one might be a challenge. The best piece of advice you can be given here is to go with your gut. While your center of choice should offer clean and cozy surroundings, medical and non-medical care, and lots of amenities, the right place is the one that your loved one is most comfortable in. Schedule visits to several locations to get a feel for the atmosphere. Residents should be happy and engaged, and all common spaces should be clean and well-tended by employees. Then, once you’re ready to take the next step, make it easier on yourself by hiring some extra pairs of hands; just search Angi for “moving services near me.”

This is a difficult time but when your aging loved one is ready for assisted living, know that you have options. There are many great communities to choose from, and these come in a variety of price ranges. Know what you were looking for and how you plan to pay for it, and then let your instincts guide you to the right place for your loved one to call home.

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