Spring Cleaning and Decluttering for Seniors

Spring Cleaning

Springtime in Texas seems to encourage people to tidy up their homes. Spring cleaning and decluttering helps everyone prepare for the coming fresh air of the spring and summer seasons, especially the elderly. It might just be a good time to broach the subject with your senior family member. Organizing some things in their home can go a long way to brighten ones day! For some older adults, the need to “hang onto” stuff can mean things can build up quickly. And for some seniors, issues with mobility or lifting heavy items may make it difficult to routinely clean and organize.

Spring cleaning can be an overwhelming idea for some people. You may want to bring the subject up with a friendly question. Gentle suggestions can prompt action. Say something like, “I’m happy to help if you get the itch to do some spring cleaning.”. Or possibly, “I can start some clean-up projects like sweeping the porch or washing some windows.”


Start by locating boxes or large bags and separate items that can be donated to a non-profit from things that need to be disposed of. It’s surprising how much can accumulate in a senior’s home! Many folks receive dozens of magazines each week in the mail that quickly accumulate. Drawers may contain old makeup or hair products, VHS movies and other old formats, even old kitchen gadgets may be items the senior would love to have out of their home.

Next, check inside the pantry and refrigerator for outdated food items. Search for expired medications in the bathroom and dispose of them. There may be an excess of plastic grocery bags. Those are items that some non-profits or food pantries would love to have. With more and more deliveries made to homes, is there a nest of cardboard boxes? Keep in mind that many of today’s seniors were born during the Great Depression. Rationing during World War II taught them to save any item that could be useful in the future.

Freshen up!

Spring is also a great time to wash the windows and patio doors. Cleaning the patio/porch, or sprucing up the outdoor furniture, may encourage your family members to sit outside and enjoy some Texas fresh air and sunshine. So many health benefits can be gained by this!

At BeeHive Homes in Texas, we know that living in a safe and healthy environment contributes greatly to a senior’s overall well-being. Our small group assisted living centers offer a home-like environment. Kind caregivers get to know our senior residents, helping with activities of daily living such as dressing, showering, or toileting. The BeeHive Homes across Texas offer homecooked meals, medication management, and companionship.

If we can be help you or your family with residential care in our assisted living facilities, please give us a call.

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