Celebrating the Christmas Season

Celebrating the Christmas season is a time of joy, warmth, and togetherness and at BeeHive Homes, it is also a period where our commitment to exceptional senior care shines brightest. As we embrace the festive spirit, our focus remains steadfast on the importance of ‘family’ – both the ones we are born into and the… Continue reading Celebrating the Christmas Season

Halloween Safety for Seniors

Tricks and Treats for a Spooktacular Time Halloween is just around the corner, and at BeeHive Homes we believe that everyone, no matter their age, deserves to enjoy the fun and festivities of this spooky holiday. With a little extra care and some creative solutions, our beloved seniors can join in the Halloween excitement safely… Continue reading Halloween Safety for Seniors

Celebrations for March

By the time the calendar turns over to March, many adults may be in the winter doldrums. After all, the days have been shorter and darker during the last few months, the cold weather makes it difficult to be outdoors, and the holiday festivities have become a memory. For older adults who may live alone… Continue reading Celebrations for March

Safe Holiday Travels

The holidays are here, which means many families will be scheduling upcoming travel plans. Being prepared can be the key to safe holiday travels. Families everywhere travel during the holiday season to spend time with loved ones. As enjoyable as these times are, travel can be hard on all of us, especially the elderly. Caring… Continue reading Safe Holiday Travels

The Best Exercise for the Elderly

It’s important for all of us to keep moving, like the old saying goes: “Move it or lose it!” So what is the best exercise for the elderly? Increasingly, research shows how regular exercise and physical activity is important for senior adults, helping protect against heart disease, strokes, diabetes; improve mental health and quality of… Continue reading The Best Exercise for the Elderly

Inflation’s Impact on Seniors

In 2022, the inflation rate is hovering above 8%. That means that the purchasing power of a dollar is buying about 8% less than it did a year ago. For seniors living on a fixed income, that’s particularly concerning. Seniors are more likely to spend money on things that are increasing in price, such as… Continue reading Inflation’s Impact on Seniors

The Value of Sunshine

The value of sunshine cannot be overstated. There are many great benefits of sunshine for you or your elderly loved one. Time spent in the sun can help with many conditions that can occur during the natural aging process and lifestyle changes. At BeeHive Homes of Texas, we plan social gatherings and activities that allow… Continue reading The Value of Sunshine

Planning a “Field Trip”

For the elderly who live primarily at home or in an assisted living center, there can be a sense of confinement. We see it as a type of “cabin fever”, when a person is confined to their home for extended periods. They may experience moodiness, irritability, or loneliness. It might be time for planning a… Continue reading Planning a “Field Trip”

Container Gardening for the Elderly

Many of our beloved elderly grew up with a garden, even if they lived in a town or small city. During World War II, Victory Gardens were very common. Traditionally these were grown in back yards, containers or garden boxes. They often grew vegetables, fruit and herbs to help provide their own food reducing reliance… Continue reading Container Gardening for the Elderly

Spring Cleaning and Decluttering for Seniors

Springtime in Texas seems to encourage people to tidy up their homes. Spring cleaning and decluttering helps everyone prepare for the coming fresh air of the spring and summer seasons, especially the elderly. It might just be a good time to broach the subject with your senior family member. Organizing some things in their home… Continue reading Spring Cleaning and Decluttering for Seniors