Container Gardening for the Elderly

Many of our beloved elderly grew up with a garden, even if they lived in a town or small city. During World War II, Victory Gardens were very common. Traditionally these were grown in back yards, containers or garden boxes. They often grew vegetables, fruit and herbs to help provide their own food reducing reliance… Continue reading Container Gardening for the Elderly

Preserving Family History

There is a lot of value in grandparents! Knowing your family history and passing it along to younger generations is important to most families. Preserving your family history and passing along the stories builds bridges between the future and the past. Keeping those memories alive can be challenging. Take the opportunity to pass along the history,… Continue reading Preserving Family History

Spring Cleaning and Decluttering for Seniors

Springtime in Texas seems to encourage people to tidy up their homes. Spring cleaning and decluttering helps everyone prepare for the coming fresh air of the spring and summer seasons, especially the elderly. It might just be a good time to broach the subject with your senior family member. Organizing some things in their home… Continue reading Spring Cleaning and Decluttering for Seniors

Seasonal Allergies in the Elderly

Spring in Texas includes two things: wind and seasonal allergies. The typical hay fever symptoms in the spring are brought on by the hefty increase in pollens in the air, as well as more dust stirred up by our spring winds. In the elderly, allergies can certainly be present but sometimes may be tied to… Continue reading Seasonal Allergies in the Elderly

Managing Pain in the Elderly

As we all grow older, we find that our bodies just don’t work the same way they did when we were younger. Adults who are in poor health or those who are elderly may find that pain becomes more and more of an issue in their daily lives. Identifying pain is an important part of… Continue reading Managing Pain in the Elderly

The Value of Grandparents

The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is usually very special. If your extended family has lived near each other when younger generations arrived, you may have enjoyed many occasions when those generations were able to gather together. Critical Link Between Generations As that older generation of grandparents age, it’s also an opportunity to also help… Continue reading The Value of Grandparents

Resolving Family Conflicts

It’s not an easy subject, but many families have some unresolved conflict that is a black cloud over everyone. As your aging parent or spouse grows older and becomes more frail, a likely a discussion that some in the family are having: “Is this going to be fixed before he or she passes away?” We… Continue reading Resolving Family Conflicts

Enter the Reality of Dementia

If your parent or spouse is showing signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you’ll notice that their connection to what’s happening today is not as strong as to memories of past times. In the early stages of these diseases, memory loss and confusion may be mild. But as the damage to brain cells progress, some… Continue reading Enter the Reality of Dementia

Choices for Senior Housing

As we grow older, many senior adults also become less independent. The time may come when the senior is not safe living in their home alone, possibly due to the risk of falls, forgetting to take medications, or the inability to maintain proper nutrition. There are many options in Texas for senior housing. And the… Continue reading Choices for Senior Housing

UTIs in the Elderly

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) can be painful. But why do they occur more often in the elderly and cause confusion in some seniors? Why Older Adults? Older adults can be more susceptible to UTIs. As we age, the muscles in the pelvic floor and bladder can weaken, leading to urinary incontinence or retention of urine.… Continue reading UTIs in the Elderly