Awareness of the Holiday Blues

The holidays are a wonderful time of year; however, there can be a lot of pressure associated with the holiday season. While aging can bring wisdom and experience, there are struggles that many seniors may face, especially during this time of year. The team at BeeHive Homes is here to bring awareness of the holiday… Continue reading Awareness of the Holiday Blues

Halloween Memories of Today’s Seniors

Today, Halloween is big business with nearly 10 billion dollars expected to be spent on decorations, candy and costumes in 2022. But for those in their senior years, Halloween was a very different holiday in their youth. How has Halloween changed? What are some of the Halloween memories of today’s seniors? American colonists celebrated the… Continue reading Halloween Memories of Today’s Seniors

Advance Care Planning

For some families, this subject is almost taboo but it is so important. The term refers to planning for end-of-life decisions and the challenges that the family may face. It does include more than just end-of-life wishes and should include conversations between the elderly person, medical providers, and family members. Advance care planning also covers… Continue reading Advance Care Planning

The Importance of Elders

In most living creatures, their longevity is closely tied to reproduction. Life is about having offspring, and once that no longer happens, life usually ends. But not so with humans. Why? Lets talk about the importance of elders. A recent research paper from the University of California – Santa Barbara says the long post-reproductive lifespan… Continue reading The Importance of Elders

The Power of Fathers

Father’s Day is a holiday in June, but it’s much more than a day to barbeque or attend a baseball game. It’s really an opportunity for meaningful time and conversation with your father. The power of fathers in your life can be expansive. If you’re an adult in your 50s or 60s who is beginning… Continue reading The Power of Fathers

Preserving Family History

There is a lot of value in grandparents! Knowing your family history and passing it along to younger generations is important to most families. Preserving your family history and passing along the stories builds bridges between the future and the past. Keeping those memories alive can be challenging. Take the opportunity to pass along the history,… Continue reading Preserving Family History

The Value of Grandparents

The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is usually very special. If your extended family has lived near each other when younger generations arrived, you may have enjoyed many occasions when those generations were able to gather together. Critical Link Between Generations As that older generation of grandparents age, it’s also an opportunity to also help… Continue reading The Value of Grandparents

Resolving Family Conflicts

It’s not an easy subject, but many families have some unresolved conflict that is a black cloud over everyone. As your aging parent or spouse grows older and becomes more frail, a likely a discussion that some in the family are having: “Is this going to be fixed before he or she passes away?” We… Continue reading Resolving Family Conflicts

Enter the Reality of Dementia

If your parent or spouse is showing signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you’ll notice that their connection to what’s happening today is not as strong as to memories of past times. In the early stages of these diseases, memory loss and confusion may be mild. But as the damage to brain cells progress, some… Continue reading Enter the Reality of Dementia

Communication at the Speed of Life

How often have we heard someone who is younger comment about their difficulty in communicating with an older relative or friend?  Has it been way too long since our last meaningful conversation with our younger friends and family members?  This concern is becoming more common as technology progresses.  Newer forms of staying connected through good… Continue reading Communication at the Speed of Life