Overcoming Loneliness

What is Loneliness? Loneliness is an evasive thing.  People have been studying it for years, especially in elderly adults who seem prone to sadness and isolation.  But, those studies have contradictory data.  Some of them include statistics for people who “feel isolated” while others only study data from people who have been so lonely and… Continue reading Overcoming Loneliness

The Grand City of Abilene, TX

Camp Barkeley

Abilene, Texas“The Key City”“The Friendly Frontier” Abilene Today Abilene is a city located in both Taylor and Jones Counties of Texas.  The population of the entire Abilene metropolitan area is over 170,000 and is located just off Interstate 20.  The city is roughly divided down the middle by the railroad, which splits the city into… Continue reading The Grand City of Abilene, TX