The Start To Another Great Life

You’ve Lived A Full Life

You’ve already lived a full life and have experiences to share! Growing older and the challenges that accompany age can be celebrated, as long as you have someone there to share the journey.  We trust our doctors, family members, friends and neighbors of many years to help us make good decisions when we have a cross-road in our life.  Deciding on senior care options as you or your parent grows older can place a tremendous amount of stress on your relationship. 

Cross Roads of Life


At BeeHive Homes of Texas we want to make help you as you approached this cross-road.  We want to be sure the entire family feels understood and heard.  You are not alone in making this decision for you or your loved one and we’ve assisted thousands of seniors who have decided to make BeeHive their next home.

We Hear You!


Friendly BeeHivers who have been down this road with their own parents and loved ones are ready to get to know you and understand your situation better.  These are not call agents hired to collect your information and pass to another home – they are an integrated part of our BeeHive family and they know the home intimately.  Being an active part of the community and neighborhood is something we strive to accomplish at each BeeHive Homes.

Please view this video that shows how life in a BeeHive Home can be the start to another great life!

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Start of Something Great


Your new life at the BeeHive could include the following:

  • Breakfast with your friends in the dining room each morning – or have breakfast brought to your private room
  • Read and discuss the paper while keeping current on local and world news on the TV
  • Participate in card games and other fun activities with your neighbors
  • Lunch and Dinner prepared fresh and served in the dinning hall or again in your room if your prefer
  • Walks around the home, the porch or back yard
  • Write letters to friends and family
  • Celebrate birthdays and national holidays with your BeeHive family


Feel free to give us a call anytime!  We are scheduling tours and virtual-tours now.


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