Is it Time to Introduce Your Loved One to Assisted Living?

Caring for an aging parent is often a labor of love. Unfortunately, it also requires making tough decisions. One of these is whether to move your loved one into a senior community. You’ll have many questions to answer before you start this process. How do you know it’s time? How will you pay for their… Continue reading Is it Time to Introduce Your Loved One to Assisted Living?

How Animals Benefit The Elderly

Alternative therapies and helps of all kinds are being researched and used on a trial basis all across the country in the care of our elderly citizens.  Especially in the care of those with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementias.  In speaking with health care practitioners, we find a number of therapies that might seem… Continue reading How Animals Benefit The Elderly

How to Downsize Your Home With a Pet

If you’re considering downsizing your home and you’re concerned about your pet’s well-being, there are several interventions you can take that will prepare the pet for the new living conditions. Maybe you have been in a home with a sizable yard that allowed your dog to run around but you want to downsize to a… Continue reading How to Downsize Your Home With a Pet

Emergency Preparedness for Seniors

In the aftermath and destruction of Hurricane Ida, many of us are considering what we can do to better prepare for natural disasters and unplanned emergencies.  Add emergency planning together with senior care and aging, and we begin to have an entirely new set of questions.  Have we ever thought about how aging impacts our… Continue reading Emergency Preparedness for Seniors

Sleeplessness In Older And Aging Adults

Have you noticed that as we age, genuine, deep sleep is more and more difficult to attain?  Many people blame this sleeplessness on the aging process, but is it right to do so?  There are certainly many older persons who can sleep well through the night. Why Don’t I Feel Rested? Sleeplessness is caused in… Continue reading Sleeplessness In Older And Aging Adults

Incontinence in Older Adults

Incontinence is an issue of embarrassment among many older people.  According to a report from 2014, about half the population of older Americans experience urinary leakage or accidental bowel leakage.  And roughly 25% have moderate, severe or very severe urinary leakage.  That’s a lot of people!  Perhaps because people are unwilling to talk openly about… Continue reading Incontinence in Older Adults

How to Prepare for Vision Loss As We Age

Loss of Vision Our vision naturally weakens as we age.  This gradually degradation in our vision, especially for close objects, is a common occurrence as we enter late to middle-age.  Do not be alarmed unless your ophthalmologist says that you have a more serious condition.  There are many cases, however, where vision loss can be… Continue reading How to Prepare for Vision Loss As We Age

Communication at the Speed of Life

How often have we heard someone who is younger comment about their difficulty in communicating with an older relative or friend?  Has it been way too long since our last meaningful conversation with our younger friends and family members?  This concern is becoming more common as technology progresses.  Newer forms of staying connected through good… Continue reading Communication at the Speed of Life

Personality Changes and Dementia

Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Lapse in memory that disrupts daily life Challenges solving problems Trouble making plans Mixing up time and places Problems using words in speaking and writing Misplacing things and then not being able to retrace steps to locate Overall decrease in judgement – trouble making decisions Withdrawal from social activities Change in… Continue reading Personality Changes and Dementia

Gift Giving on a Limited Budget

As most of you reading this have discovered by now, growing older is not always cheap!  Even with good financial planning, good insurance and a somewhat good bill of health, there are unexpected things that can come up and break the bank pretty quickly.  Because of this, it can make birthdays and gift giving at other holidays… Continue reading Gift Giving on a Limited Budget