Resolving Family Conflicts

Family Conflict Assisted Living

It’s not an easy subject, but many families have some unresolved conflict that is a black cloud over everyone. As your aging parent or spouse grows older and becomes more frail, a likely a discussion that some in the family are having: “Is this going to be fixed before he or she passes away?”

We all have a limited lifespan and it’s a sad thing that some family conflicts affect the happiness that life can offer. If your family has a “black cloud” that weighs on your aging loved one or on his or her family, it may be worth an internal discussion to see if it can be resolved.

Is it a misunderstanding? Maybe it’s a matter of pride? Is it something that would be resolved with words of forgiveness? Perhaps there’s a neutral member of the family that can bridge the gap, or who can gently bring up the idea of outside counseling so that the issue can be resolved before it’s too late. A trusted spiritual leader might be able to help mediate the issue.

Often, when there’s been an ongoing conflict, it feels dangerous to even bring it up. But if everyone tiptoes around the issue, this issue is never put to rest. That actually gives it more power in everyone’s lives. It’s not an easy subject and every family is different. But if there’s an ongoing conflict that’s disrupting the peace that every family needs as their loved one ages and approaches the end of life, it’s important that these issues get resolved.

Conflict during this time of life can also affect the elder’s well-being and impact the bereavement process when death does occur, according to a National Institute of Health article.

If we can help you during the aging process of your loved one, let us know. BeeHive Homes offer assisted living and memory care, but we also provide answers to the many questions that arise as families consider additional help in aging. We’re happy to help with referrals to community resources and help in the journey each family is on. Our assisted living homes across Texas allow your family member to live comfortably and safely in a small home, cared for by the BeeHive family. We also offer respite care or adult day care. Please let us know if we can assist your family.

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